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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Work at HOME Mom and Time Management

There are two extreme misconceptions about work at home moms. One is that when you are a work at home mom you have it easy. The extreme opposite is that it’s impossible. In reality if anyone was to spend just one day shadowing a work at home mom they’d quickly see that it’s not “easy”. But it’s also not impossible.

So what’s the secret? The successful MOMS with home businesses have well planned days generally beginning early and ending late. They are women with excellent Time Management Skills and they always have a DAY PLANNER.

Time management skills make it possible to juggle the many varied responsibilities that come with raising a family, keeping a home running and also building a business, therefore a detailed planner is mandatory. Most of the women I’ve talked to first plan the family time and then their work time. This way when “work time” is on the planner women can stay focused and get what needs to be done for that day and not leave “work” until “later” or “when there’s time”. If you don’t put it on the planner and “do it” it won’t get done. Truth is there never is a time “when there’s time” unless it’s planned.

Just as a mom breaks down her family and home activities and then schedules them (i.e. take kids to school, shop, put gas in the car, return library books…) so must your business activities be listed and grouped by task. By scheduling in things like email, training (for yourself and your team), calls and record keeping these tasks can be scheduled into time slots for each day. When these activities are scheduled they are no longer constantly on your mind and you can rest knowing they’ll get done at the scheduled time. This frees your mind and can actually bring a peace and joy to each day. It is also necessary to schedule in a “break” don’t forget this MOMS or you’ll “break”.

The wisest moms that work at home quickly learn how to teach their family to help them. This help may be in household chores to free up mom’s time for work or even keeping quiet while mom’s on the phone. These families experience the joy of working together and seeing success as a “team” with the added benefits of their children learning good work ethics and time management skills simply by watching MOM.


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