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Friday, March 16, 2012

Botanical Disinfectants: Thyme, Clove & Lemongrass


Botanical Disinfectants: Thyme, Clove and Lemongrass
 There is some truth in the adage "Everything old is new again".
For centuries the essential oil in thyme has been used for its
antiseptic, disinfectant and medicinal properties. In more recent
times, cleaning product companies have turned to more caustic and
toxic sources to create cost effective cleaners. Cost effective
doesn't always serve the consumer...often times it serves the
manufacturer at the expense of consumer health and safety.

In this month's report we focus on the healthful and effective uses
of thyme, clove, and lemongrass which are ingredients in Melaleuca's
innovative new product, Sol-U-Guard Botanical(tm). Melaleuca has turned
to traditional sources to create the first botanical disinfectant ever
approved by the EPA! It seemed only fitting to focus this report on the
healthful benefits of these essential oils.

Please access our Research Report here:



I hope you find this report to be useful to you.


Richard M Barry

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